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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Technology and Tools to do your IT admin job and more

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, September 25, 2020

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In the past 35+ years, we have had to document everything we can to a point where businesses can improve and operate, and technology teams and administrators can manage.
Which tools were the most common then and most common today?
#1 on my mind was VISIO, a Microsoft product that I started using back in 1993. Prior to that, it was pencil, paper and stencils.
There were other mapping tools as well, and a ton of applications yet we need a bunch of them just to work efficiently for all types of formats, media and mediums.
Today we have lots of open source options too. There are applications and there are tools. There is a difference. One is large and bulky, usually pricey, and the others are tools, usually free or for a small fee.
Here are the applications:
#1. Visio 2019
#2. Libre Office
#3. Adobe Creative Suite
#4. Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus
#5. Google Docs
Here are the tools:
#1. PFE32
#2. MD5
#3. RoboHelp
#4. OB Studio
#5. VirtualBox
#6. Visual Code
#7. FileZilla
#8. Putty
#9. WinApp Cert Kit
#10. SSL Manager
#11. MS SQL Developer Edition
#12. MiniTool Partition Wizard
#13. Thunderbird
#14. Tor Browser
#15. LinuxLive (LiLi) USB Creator
#16. Teamviewer
#17. Belarc Advisor
#18. GIMP
#19. PSP Pro 8.1 OEM
#20. InnoSetup
more to come....

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