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Weekend Maintenance project planning, execution, rollbacks

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, August 22, 2020

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If anyone has ever done weekend schedule maintenance for IT you will know things don't always go as planned.
For me, the maintenance window for some clients starts at 4pm on a Friday, and for others, it is any day between midnight and 3am, it just depends on the business and their processing cycles.
For businesses that run 24/7/365, you are allowed 6 minutes to 6 hours per year for down hard maintenance. It most cases, if you need 5 9's, that 99.999% uptime, then you have redundancy in your IT assets. So even if you bring one system down, another system or more takes over and carry's the load. The N+1 approach is easy for most things. Your centralized SAN data is always needing to be protected and safe and intermediate assets with multi-nodal access need to be serviced and maintained throughout a planned maintenance.
What do you do if things go wrong? Troubleshoot till you figure it out, or rollback and reschedule? It depends. If you have vendor support and that is available, after 20 minutes of being stuck, reach out for assistance regardless and report to stakeholders appropriately.
I have been hands on with large scale planned maintenance projects and it can get dicey sometimes.
It can be fun in the operations center when maintenance is scheduled and executed and plan goes successfully!
more to come...

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