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DDR5 and DDR4 RAM Memory Chip market status and better forecast for lower pricing of 32GB

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, August 27, 2020

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In the past few months, the RAM memory market has finally come around and returning to affordability and back on target to competitive values for 32GB machines. The 16GB configured PCs are now 1 year passe, and now we are on the verge of base 32GB systems for several reasons.
A few of the reasons are the load requirements on Internet surfing versus cloud based applications and activities. So, instead of 8 or 16GB of RAM, the new standard is and will be 32GB. Even the market competition is placing 2x8 on sale en masse now, finally, when it should have done that some 2-3 years ago, and now 2x16 is starting to spin up in the market as a migration from 8 to 16, when in fact, you can jump right to 32GB with nearly little gap stop jump in purchase amount to value. So DDR4 at 32GB is best, and DDR5 is coming, yet the motherboard board support is not there yet. I said yet. US China trade relations does not help things especially in technology yet the greater good will prevail.
In light of all that, here are some details of what is being experienced and why 32GB is best:
1. the Internet has not thinned and lost weight in terms of their enormous page load requirements
2. the applications are not getting lighter, the are splitting their code base between the cloud and the local client PC so it appears lighter on the client platform yet still heavy on the system overall.
3. more data is being transferred between the client and the cloud with sync applications like iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, and the like and the startup load on the PC is massive on the drive system and the ram to get other applications and activity loaded while the sync is in play, sometimes up to 4 minutes on average, 2-3 minimum, 6-10 max before the system settles down so one can work.
4. antivirus AI is being more aggressive for a good reason; avoid ransomware and interrupt and stop threats.
5. email clients are phasing Outlook out of the office and work (finally!), and moving to 3rd generation client apps, instead of legacy Outlook client fat and heavy and bloated. It use to be light and fast and compete with the likes of Outlook Express and other thin clients. Outlook behavior has outgrown its value and simplicity.
That's about it for now.

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