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Windows command FORFILES to search archive drive for a file and type way back in the day

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, August 16, 2020

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I had to look for a true type font file for one of my really old documents, and could not figure out how to find that font on an external archive drive from the 1990s. It was only 250GB maxtor drive, so I used this command to seek and find what I needed.
justt launch a CMD prompt either as administrator or user, they both work on external drives where the rights are usually pretty open. if in doubt, administrative CMD prompt is advised.
forfiles /p e:\ /m ms*.ttf /c @path /s /d -10/22/1997
forfiles- the command
/p - starting directory, for me e:\ drive
/m - matching search mask
/c - is a command option which does try to execute the result yet i added the @path to show the full path. as long as the /m mask is not an msi or exe, you will just get a result error, yet the full path to the file found. don't do with looking for an EXE, COM or MSI or anything that is executable.
/s - search sub directories
/d - date with a fully qualified format mm/dd/yyyy and put a minus sign - to search starting at the date and prior
hope that helps. I did not find a good example except the DIR command versus FORFILES was a good find.
more to come...

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