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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Internet & Technology trends we set...

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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Internet & Technology trends we set...

May 16, 2018

Over the last 18 years, yours truly has set some trends that you might not have noticed.


Others have claimed ownership of these trends, yet it was yours truly that started it.



Responsive Website Issues, Tips and Tricks, and more Questions -- the latest trend we just set is that the responsive programming in html5 css3 can be lite and fast, not bulky and a vomit of code without reason.


Our coding examples and rules are short, light and fast.


We have noticed that many new responsive websites have HTML code that is beyond reason in terms of string length in their syntax and data, and are bloatware.


When and why should and could a text string exceed 1024 characters in a normal text editor? Yet, I don't mind URL's that are REST request and responses in a string that is large and long. More to come on this thinking.



Website SEO Trick Number One -- The telephone number in the HTML header TITLE so when your search engine shows your link, your phone number is a click away on a smart device (aka cell phone). for example:

< html>

< head>

< title>Mountain Computers 775-287-9552 ..... < /title>

< /head>



this trend has not fully deployed across the Internet. We just know it works. Just like our Rule of 3 when it comes to anything. More to come....



"Really?"  - that response and phrase was created here. This is more like a Seinfeld opportunity. Kramer like.



WIX @ $15 one month before their 1st NFL Superbowl ad. I knew to buy 1000 shares and see it rise to $50/share in 2 years. I predicted it. It happened. I did not pull the trigger and do it. I told the company investment team, yep, I nailed it. Just like having $75k on the side 1 year before Google went public and I knew they would be a big hit because I was writing the same code to be the largest search engine and also craigslist competitor before I knew about craigslist. In either case, the Craigslist thing called Regional4Sale based on Reno4Sale startup, it did not take. The Google investment and Google competition code is about to release by me shortly. Stay tuned.



PC performance tune-ups I nailed in 1991 in MS-DOS 5.0/6.2/6.22 and Windows 3.0/3.1 and 26 years later, I did it - from 2009 till now, developed and released GoGreen PC TuneUp™ software about to hit the charts on FileHippo.com --- more to come..



ASP, SQL, and JavaScript development trilogy I nailed in 2006 as the deployment advantage for the Microsoft stack for the big data aside from the Open Stack aka LAMP stack. While the open source community has the leverage and power, the algorithmic coding advantages we hold and possess supersede some of their prowess in a fair and good way. While we are not known, we do have the advantage. Flying under the radar is better than trying to hide from radar at high altitude.


Even our local community college professors don't acknowledge wisdom unless it comes from their own tenured staff. While they do not have advanced degrees in software or hardware engineering or decades of corporate experience, they still have their click, and that's okay. When you can't work, you teach, and when you can't teach, you become a politician.


we have about 20 more trends to mention , but we have work to do...



This is a new trend we just came up with last week -- We have decided in the top of a website home page that only three elements are required for anyone to find you right away; 1) the Company Name, 2) the Street Address with Zip Code, and 3) the telephone Area Code and Phone Number.


Forget about the City and State which is not necessary. The contact page can have the complete details.

More to come...



A person navigating an application or website should be within one click away from where they want to be. Navigation has been a pet peeve of mine for nearly 20 years. When a website is designed, everything should be one click away, not buried beyond 2 levels or more away.


It's like a terribly long and lengthy call tree where you have to press countless numbers to get where you need to be. That is a bad usability idea.


more to come...

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