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Keyboards, mice, cameras, and other peripherals

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, July 26, 2020

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How many types of input and output devices do you have plugged into your computer, laptop, server?
For me, its about 2-3 inputs. Here is a short list and it is not finite.
1. keyboard (primary input device), either ps/2 or usb
2. mouse. either ps/2 or usb
3. cameras for both videography or webcams
4. printers, wired usb or network wired or wireless
5. external device docking station (3.5" drives, 5.25" drives)
6. headphones and microphone
7. audio speakers
8. network cables
the list does go on and on, yet for the most part that is it.
How can you optimize your connections? for speed, reliability?
1. plug in legacy usb 1.1/2.0 devices into black usb connectors.
2. plug in high speed 3.0 deivces into blue or red usb connectors.
3. for printing, make sure WIFI is not your first option. Use network or usb as a primary connection especially for full fledged drivers that connect to multi-function printers/scanner/fax.
4. do not use a docking station or usb extender unless it is fully powered.
5. when it comes to good cables, choose a manufacturer and brand that has good reliability and reviews. cheap cables are troublesome.
more to come...

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