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Mass Storage configurations going into 2021

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, July 25, 2020

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With the continuous explosion of data and no real easy way to clean up archives, downloads, extras and duplicates, we have a growing problem with data.
Like the growth of plastic in the ocean, we have a massive growth of extra and duplicate data in the work and home. What do you do?
First of all, having a duplicate of your data is a good thing yet not on the same drive. Having multiple backup drives over time is good because of eventual failure and data corruption.
Yet, having duplicates (more than one) and sometimes partial sets of partial sets over and over again is very bad.
Especially when it comes to terabytes of storage history in the work place that needs to be accessed sometimes years down the road. How does a 2 Terabyte storage server hold the years and decades of archives with the date/time still being correct? How do you successfully transfer that storage to a larger archive storage and then free of the main storage and still have pointers to the archive for immediate access.
That is a good question.
more to come...

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