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Carbonite backups revisited fast forward to OpenText Cloud for both Windows and Apple

Microsoft Windows Apple Mac OS

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, July 23, 2020

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Backups are your only insurance against: fire, flood, theft, data corruption, and ransomware.
Backups are essential. I have always said that.
For home and business, pick the right carbonite subscription for you.
Here is the user friendly description of the subscription you might purchase.
1. carbonite safe - just backup my files on my computer (pc or mac). just the files. unlimited cloud storage. download files, folders, etc to recover files when necessary.
2. carbonite safe plus - backup my system, external usb hard drives, and system, and allow overnight hard drive recovery delivery for a small fee ~$125-175.
3. carbonite pro - more advanced.
4. carbonite server power or core - windows system state, full metal, full backup, and incrementals and more...
5. carbonite ultimate - more advance for servers
Why do I share this? well, since 2006-2008, i have been a carbonite supporter. I have signed up over 400+ clients for carbonite in individual to small to medium businesses. The account reseller, channel, spiff, and other form of partnering was too complicated and not worth the effort. I told that to a new channel manager at OpenText / Carbonite in the past few weeks. I ask myself, why did I not by stock in that company? doh! well, back then, i was strapped to maintain positive cash flow, keep cash liquidity, do interest debt swaps where possible, and optimize debt management in a recession, yet I survived and now finally out of debt, 12 years too late; yet hey! i survived and did not ask for help or borrow. just brutal debt management and pay all your taxes, exes, employees, bills and still love your customers and neighbors and business partners.

Let's look at Carbonite. They were bought out by @OpenText for $1.2b just a few months ago, going back 6 months prior, even though they were showing a loss which is weird. Maybe it was a buy and growth potential. If I had bought $1-5k in stock back in 2008, and road it out, well, let's just say, I'd be a lot richer. Now, I look at the future and my cash and investment positions are better and out of lots of debt, Carbonite (CARB) NASDAQ symbol is now delisted, and had a great run, and OpenText (OTEX) is meandering around and their stock is rather... interesting... buy/hold/sell? which is it?
again, why carbonite versus mozy pro, crashplan, and other solutions? main reason, ease of use, ease of recovery, and ease of pricing.
Backups are your only insurance against: fire, flood, theft, data corruption, and ransomware.
How to do Backups like Andy!
Carbonite, Robocopy, Second Copy - Backups and Data recovery for the regular person
Carbonite, cloud backup and pricing options - keep your infrastructure topology confidential
Data Backup and Recovery should be easier with Carbonite
more to come...

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