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AI is really surveillance, present day

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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AI is really surveillance, present day

January 2, 2018

Its been a year since the first AI article was drafted, and now AI seems to be coming soon to a blog or news comment section near you. AI robots?


I know Microsoft and other large data hungry monoliths like Facebook are using our click, swipe and low bounce rate behaviors either for or against us. They purport value add yet I believe we need to just understand how to protect our privacy as needed.


Think about it -- Watching everything one does walking through a grocery store over a year gives a seller enough information to place honey pots in our way to make us buy more of what they want to sell. That's not AI, that's just spying or formally known as observing.


Consider everything we do now watching and recorded. A hot microphone, a cell phone just listening, a smart TV reporting back to the manufacturer mother ship our watching behaviors without our absolute agreed upon understanding and awareness (ahem, Samsung).


This is not AI. Its just spying, ahem, observing, ahem, public survellience for our own good.


Be careful Facebook and Twitter. It's easy to call spying on you "AI". No real intelligence there, oh wait, this could be called "trending.."


more to come.


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