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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Websites that get hacked and do not report it

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, July 18, 2020

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Have you ever known a company to get hacked and does not properly manage the hack?
They decided on one of three things in various forms:
1. They do not report it and obfuscate it as a bug and maintenance issue
2. They blame their outage on another company to divert the focus and hide the truth.
3. They report this issue, just not the larger extent of the problem, yet a small error and a corrective action to make people dismiss the issue.
Who actually knows the truth and the level of it. I just appreciate karma and let those just not sleep, burn, and gyrate. It's okay. I know several owners, senior level leaders (yes, even CEOs) who hide their errors that costs their clients plenty.
I would never do that and when I am in charge, we make darn sure we don't put ourselves and our clients in that position to have to lie. Remember, I would never put my clients into a position or situation that would cause great error, failure and risk.
The only times I have seen this happen is when I was not in charge and not in control and the higher ups and those with more pull and rank would order and silence me from making us more protected, safe, secure and free from being put into a jam.
As an added note to existing clients and older clients, I won't air those with dirty laundry, yet I will mention it and not name names, yet they know who they are. I continiously keep my guard up and occasionally monitor and watch them maneuver around to hide their failures and to not point the finger at the good people who tried to stop the failure from potentially happening to begin with...
more to come...

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