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Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on new AMD 3950X build

Microsoft Windows AMD Processor

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, July 17, 2020

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I just finished a new AMD 3950X workstation build and now testing Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 bit with 64GB DDR4 3000, and a new Samsung EVO 970 1TB NVMe drive.
I checked the temps out on this build and found the Samsung EVO 970 was averaging 70C, so I put a silent fan on it, and it dropped to 44-52C. I had to do some fast research on the 970 EVO temps and it seems average to strange. So I am happy to report, take the fan off during normal operation and the temps are a bit high, and with a 120mm fan over it works great and brings it down to 45-50C on average.
The first things I installed was chipset and network drivers from MSI X570 Gaming downloads portal, because the network would go up and down about every thirty minutes using the stock Windows 10 drivers for this board. It was reported this is a problem and yes, the network adapter stabilized.
The rest of the list of installations steps were:
1. Teamviewer
2. Libre Office
3. Speccy
5. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
6. FileZilla client
7. Oracle VM Virtualbox
more to come...

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