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Windows 10 might or will take away Settings | System icon in Control Panel

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, July 6, 2020
View Count: 787, Keywords: Windows 10, Control Panel, Settings, System Icon, Windows Logo + Pause Break, Hashtags: #Windows10 #ControlPanel #Settings #SystemIcon #WindowsLogo+PauseBreak

If true, Microsoft plans to remove the System Settings icon in the classic Control Panel and have it go to Settings and then About, whatever, that is not a mistake, let me be clear, hey Microsoft, I am talking to you right now.
When I press on the keyboard Windows Logo + Pause Break, I get a system info settings where I can instantly see if Windows is activated or not.
Your current method in Windows 10 to go to settings System, About and scroll all the way to the bottom... oh forget it... I have already waste 5-10 seconds getting there...
I want Windows 10 activation status in 1 second. Windows Logo + Pause Break gives me that. If you take that away, then turn off activation requirements.
My GoGreen PC TuneUp also tweaks the Control Panel for better and improved usability. I still love to just (Start or Windows Logo + R as in Run | type control and open | View Large Icons | then System and voila - all i ever wanted)... besides the quick and dirty Windows Logo + Pause Break.
Thank you in advance. If I am way off, then I'll just convert the rest of my clients to Linux Mint and be done with it.
REF:   https://www.techradar.com/news/microsoft-risks-the-wrath-of-windows-10-users-by-killing-off-one-of-its-most-useful-features
more to come...

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