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GoGreen PC Tune-Up™
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This logo is an interpretation of the green earth and what springs and grows from it is just as green, simple and balanced.
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Mountain Computers has perfected the problem of slow computers on any operating system and any hardware.

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-- This is the Founder and Inventors Promise
Andy has been a performance junkie for nearly 30 years without breaking IEEE standards. In addition, a usability expert and utilization engineer as well as an efficiency and effectiveness planner, streamline and optimization junkie. Thinking big data before Big Data was cool.
"Solve the obvious problems that others seem to ignore" James Dyson - Inventor of the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
Mountain Computers for the last 10 years has been delivering and testing a trade-secret that has gone un-noticed. We now are thankful that the latest benchmark tests we are willing to stand toe-to-toe on and prove our process wins.

Latest benchmarks used:
• 3DMark Vantage • PCMark Vantage
• Crysis Benchmark • Unigine Heaven 2.1
• Windows Experience Index (WEI)